Best Headphone Stand 2023

Upgrade your headphone setup with the best stands of 2023 for a sleek and organized audio solution
Best Headphone Stands

A headphone stand is a type of product that can either be a very simple accessory designed just to hold your headset, or it can act as a USB hub and serve as a convenient means of charging not only your wireless headset (if you have one) but also other peripheral devices. In this article, we will look at a wide range of best headphone stands and choose the best one! In fact, a headphone stand is a great gift idea for a gamer.

Razer Base Station V2 Chroma Headphone Headset Stand Holder


Great Gift For Gamers



AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand Gaming

3. AmoVee headphone stand

Best option to hold headphones

K&M Stands Headphone Holder for

4. K&M Stands Headphone Holde

Best for Stage, Studio & Home Recording

K&M 16075 Headphone Stand

5 K&M 16075 Headphone Stand

Best for personal ans professional use

6.Avantree Metal & Silicone Headphone Stand

Best for the budget-conscious gamer

The Razer Base Station V2 Chroma is not just a stand, but a stand with a built-in audio processor that allows you to turn regular stereo headphones into a gaming headset with 7.1 surround sound.

In addition, it is equipped with two USB 3.1 ports, RGB lighting and a non-slip base that adds stability to it. The stand is available in three colors – black, silver and pink, so it will be a great gift for gamers of both sexes.






Another stand with a no-frills design. The Speedlink Excedo Gaming Headset Stand has a wide base with a headphone holder extending out from it. 

The latter is equipped with a silicone insert that preserves the integrity of the headband of the gaming headset, and pads made of non-slip material are attached to the legs of the stand, which will prevent it from fidgeting on the table .



AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand Gaming


AmoVee headphone stand

Best option to hold headphones

On our list is a simple, no-frills headphone stand with a sleek, minimalist design. The stand itself is quite stable and fits most headphones well, providing a convenient means of storing yours without taking up too much desk space or drawing too much attention.

Additionally, the stand comes in two options: standard black with a glossy opaque finish, or translucent, which is much better suited for headphones , which are predominantly white.

One problem that is not immediately apparent is that the media is very light. This can make it a little unstable, especially when putting on or taking off the headset with one hand. Otherwise, there are no particular problems with the fastening, although the black version turns out to be an excellent magnet for dust, as is always the case with glossy surfaces.



K&M Stands Headphone Holder for


K&M Stands Headphone Holde

Best for Stage, Studio & Home Recording

The K&M 16311 WH headphone stand can be subtly installed vertically , whether on a wall or office furniture, without taking up too much space.

It comes with screws and dowels suitable for different materials such as concrete and wood.

For more discretion, it offers a support width of 36 mm, a support depth of 74 mm and a height of 31 mm, giving the support a weight of approximately 97 g. These dimensions make it compact and light.

Additionally, it can simultaneously accommodate 2 in-ear headphones as well as a standard headset, providing a convenient storage solution for multiple audio devices.

This accessory is both compact and sports a minimalist design, while being aesthetically pleasing. Made in Germany, it is extremely robust thanks to its steel structure.

The steel sheet used for its manufacture is coated with a layer of paint obtained by a special powder coating technique, guaranteeing a durable and high quality finish .



K&M 16075 Headphone Stand


K&M 16075 Headphone Stand

Best for personal ans professional use

To protect your headphones from possible scratches, the K&M 16075 is covered with premium quality rubber . Thus, its surface holds your equipment firmly in place so that it does not slip.

The internal structure of this stand is made of steel, which makes it quite heavy, weighing a total of 700g. To prevent the headset support assembly from tipping over on its own, non-slip pads are placed on either side of its base.

Although the dimensions of this support are large ( 147 x 145 x 250 mm ), the height of the accessory does not allow a very large headset to be placed on it, at the risk of bending the connection cable.

However, all this is offset by its beige color which makes it more aesthetic, both for personal and professional use, such as in a studio.




Avantree Metal & Silicone Headphone Stand

Best for the budget-conscious gamer

Avantree HS102 has a minimalistic design and compact size. The stand seems quite thin, but is able to support massive headphones. 

Much more interesting is the presence of a special recess in the base: it is designed to accommodate the headset cable. 

This stand is cheaper than many of the models in our selection, making it an excellent choice for the budget-conscious gamer.






High quality plastic

Another stand from Razer is made not of metal, but of high-quality plastic. The manufacturer also added three USB ports.

Base Station Chroma uses RGB lighting and lacks a headphone jack. One of the unique features is the ability to detach the stand itself, giving the user a nice portable USB hub.

In the end, the only negative we noticed was the poor build quality. Yes, it’s durable, but we can’t say that Razer impressed us with its quality.




EKSA W1 Headphone Stand

Best Support for heavy headphone

The EKSA W1 stand has many advantages over its competitors: a durable backlit base, a touch key for switching illumination modes, two USB ports, three audio connectors – combined, as well as separate ones for headphones and a microphone, with support for virtual 7.1 sound. The device even got its own software for adjusting the equalizer and surround sound!

Additionally, the stand is stable and the aluminum stand can support heavy headphones. The only drawback of the device is the vertical location of one of the USB ports, which is why a long flash drive or dongle will rest against the headset hanging on the stand.



Benefits of the use of a headphone stand:

Although over-ear headphone storage racks can be used to easily organize headphones, I believe many people think that as long as there is enough storage space, there is no need to purchase them.

But in fact, if you place the over-ear headphones randomly, the ear pads will accelerate deterioration due to bearing the weight of the body for a long time. On the contrary, if you hang the headphones on a stand, you can avoid the deterioration of the ear pads and extend the product life. .

In addition, if the style of the hanger itself is fashionable, it will not only complement the design of the headphones themselves, but also become a part of the interior furnishings to enhance the texture of the space. 

To sum up, if you want to effectively store and protect your headphones and achieve the effect of decorating the intermediate environment, the over-ear headphone storage hanger is undoubtedly an indispensable item.


Key points for purchasing a headphone stand

First of all, we will start with the key points of purchasing an over-ear headphone storage rack. If you are confused about which style to buy, you may wish to first confirm whether its features meet your needs.

1. Consider placement

Over-ear headphone storage and hanging racks are mainly divided into two types: “desktop type” that stands on the table, and “hanging type” that is used to hang on the desktop or cabinet. You can choose the appropriate storage and hanging rack for the place where you want to place it. .

Desktop: Convenience at your fingertips

Desktop: Convenience at your fingertips


If you want to place over-ear headphones within arm’s reach, such as on a work table or desk, we recommend using a desktop model that can be easily hung up. This type of product comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes, making it suitable for those who love fashion style.

However, compared with the hanging type, it takes up a lot of desktop space, so please make sure there is enough space before choosing.

Hanging type: suitable for situations where desktop space is insufficient

Hanging type: suitable for situations where desktop space is insufficient

This type of hanger is used by hanging on furniture such as desks or cabinets, so it does not compress the desktop space and can neatly store over-ear headphones.
However, since most hanging models are mainly black and simple in design, they are a bit monotonous when used as interior design. It is recommended that people who pay attention to fashion sense first weigh their needs before choosing.

2. Confirm the size of the headphones

Confirm the size of the headphones

The size of over-ear headphones is also closely related to the size of the suitable hanger. Generally, just make sure that the hook is wider than the neck hanging area of ​​the headphone. If you are using headphones with special shapes or larger sizes, you can pay attention to the omega-shaped hanger.

Although it is more difficult to hang up than the hook type, it can provide better stability and balance for the headphones. Feel to avoid falling off.

3. Material: the key to appearance and use

Material: the key to appearance and use

Commonly used materials for earphone storage racks include wood, resin, and metal, and their respective characteristics will also affect the appearance and feel of the rack.

 If you are pursuing a natural and moist feel, a wooden storage rack is an excellent choice. Not only can you feel the warmth of wood, but its texture will not easily damage your headphones.

If you want to create a simple or cool image, resin and metal materials are more suitable. The former is lightweight and easy to use, while the latter has excellent durability. 

However, compared with wood, both are more likely to leave conspicuous fingerprints and scratches, so you need to pay more attention when using them.

4. Matches over-ear headphones and interior colors

Matches over-ear headphones and interior colors

Although practicality is one of the first criteria when choosing an over-ear headphone storage rack, it is also fun to choose a color matching the interior decoration or the style of the headphones.

 For example, placing simple color storage racks in a room with simple and plain decoration can further emphasize the sense of unity; and if you want to present a sophisticated fashion atmosphere, it is recommended to purchase products with more lively colors to match.

And if you want to choose a rack to match the style of your headphones, you can use dark-colored products with high-tech, cool-toned headphones; as for styles with bright colors, they complement the popular over-ear headphones.

As long as you choose the right matching style, you can fully demonstrate the design of the headphones themselves.

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