True Wireless Headphones And How To Choose Them?

Discover the freedom of true wireless headphones and unlock your perfect audio experience. Learn how to choose the ultimate pair today
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Wireless headphones have become amazingly popular lately. Not the least role in this is played by the tendency of manufacturers to replace the 3.5mm jack on portable devices with an adapter in the charging slot. One way or another, we have long realized that the future lies with wireless headphones. But besides the usual “wireless” headphones, which connect via Bluetooth but are still connected to each other either by a wire or a headband, there are also true wireless headphones and headsets.
You’re probably already familiar with them, at least using Apple’s AirPods as an example.
Although they were not the first examples of true wireless, they certainly became the most popular. But almost immediately a lot of alternative options appeared, many of which also offered prices 2-3 times lower. So the choice was not the easiest process.
That’s why we decided to tell you the easiest way to understand which true wireless headphones are best for you.

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Why do I need true wireless headphones?

The main difference between these headphones is the all-in-one principle. Since in fact you only have a pair of headphones with you at all times, all controls are located on their body. There is also a microphone on it. So the case, most often, is somewhat larger than the usual earbuds. The exception is AirPods and models of similar design, and there are plenty of them. In them, manufacturers tried to get as close as possible to the standard weight of the headphones.

But from this, it becomes obvious who such devices are most suitable for. If you are on the move, play sports, or spend a lot of time driving, then these headphones actually turn out to be quite comfortable.

In addition, they are suitable for anyone who has purchased modern smartphones without a standard input.

True wireless headphones essentially combine the characteristics of both headphones and headsets, so with most of them you can listen to music, control a voice assistant, and take calls. They are versatile and functional, which is why many choose them.

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How do the headphones fit?

Like regular headphones, wireless headphones come in several different designs. You can find inserts, vacuum models, and examples of completely unique designs. The main requirement is ergonomics. And here you will have to try on each model separately. Earbuds with replaceable ear pads are the most comfortable choice and the most popular option.

Here it should be especially noted that sometimes incorrectly selected ear pads can affect the sound quality. Therefore, if the kit includes a replacement for the standard one, the user can count on wearing comfort.

There is no such advantage with standard-shaped headphones. Everyone’s ears are different, both in size and shape, so any ergonomic shape that suits everyone is an advertising gimmick, be sure to take into account the fact that headphones may simply not suit someone. Is it worth spending money on something that will not give you the desired result?

Therefore, we recommend either trying on headphones if possible, or sticking with adjustable models.

true Wireless headphone fit


As we have already noted, the headphones are controlled using the touch panel on the case. Usually one of the headphones is the main one, therefore all commands are received on it. Different headphone models perform different actions. Some allow you to adjust the volume, switch tracks, and receive calls. Others are limited to fewer features.

Here you always need to know exactly what you want. Observe what actions you perform most often: do you skip a track or, on the contrary, prefer to listen to everything in a row, do you adjust the sound? This determines exactly what capabilities the headphones you choose should have.

The same goes for the reaction to pulling out one earphone. If you need both to be able to work autonomously, then look at more expensive models. In most budget models, only the main, usually the right earphone, works solo, and accordingly, the entire sound is output exclusively to it.

As for the design, you need to be careful with such headphones so that if you fall, the main earphone is not damaged. Many users complained about the instability of the devices to mechanical injuries.

Sound quality

Speaking of quality, we can combine all headphone models on average. The cheapest ones will most likely suffer from slight noise, both in sound transmission and in recording. Mid-range headphones will give you approximately the same sound, and it can only be described as normal. This is not the level of monitor headphones, you need to understand that no real wireless model will simply provide this level, but it has decent bass and decent highs with a clear midrange.

True Wireless Headphone of 2023

As for expensive premium models, their sound cannot be called ideal, but it is as close to quality as possible. In any case, we do not recommend such models to music lovers, since they expect something more from headphones than just a headset and often will not even pay attention to the presence of a microphone. Comfort and quality sound will be much more important. But for everyday tasks, such headphones will certainly be much more convenient and functional. They will allow you to interrupt the audition to talk on the phone, watch a movie, etc.


The price of true wireless headphones varies greatly. If you don’t take the most budget segment, then you will have to pay from 3 to 5-6 thousand rubles. This is the average price for middle-class models. Apple’s AirPods, of course, are more expensive, as are Samsung Galaxy Buds.

These models are precisely positioned as a premium class, which explains their price. But the quality of the sound, namely the sound, does not change fundamentally.

Therefore, we recommend paying attention to the middle segment, in which most likely everyone will be able to find a suitable solution. Moreover, it is worth considering that headphones are essentially consumables and can get lost or even break. Therefore, there is no point in chasing a brand here.

JBL Reflect Mini NC

Problems with wireless headphones

We have described the advantages and convenience of true wireless headphones, but this does not mean that they do not have disadvantages. In order to understand in more detail what users are not happy with, we took a look at the reviews.

The most common problem is that wireless headphones do not fit well in the ear and the sound quality suffers because of this. But we have already noted that for this it is worth using replaceable ear pads, which are often included in the kit.

No less often, users complain about the delay when playing videos. This problem is unavoidable for now. You need to understand that any Bluetooth device gives such time lags. In addition, the delay is insignificant and quite tolerable.

The microphones on true wireless headphones aren’t always perfect either. A common problem is the sound being muffled by strong winds. Because of this, it is not always convenient to talk on the phone.

The last problem that users note is the disconnection of Bluetooth headphones and noise in crowded places. This problem really exists and the solution here is only up to the manufacturer. Some companies release firmware updates, and updates from users can be found on the Internet.

As you can see, of course, there are problems, but almost every one of them can be solved. The main thing is to understand what exactly you may encounter and whether you are ready to solve the issue yourself.

Models of true wireless headphones

We suggest looking at several models of true wireless headphones that fit right into the middle category.

Meizu POP and Meizu POP 2

Are two headphone models from a well-known manufacturer. And if smartphones from Meizu still don’t make it into the flagship category, then the headphones may well claim to be of high quality. These headphones are small in size and have a comfortable shape that fits in the ear. Thanks to the replaceable ear pads, it is easy to choose the appropriate size. The headphones are controlled from a panel on the body of the right earpiece and respond to simple instructions: touch, double-tap, etc. Of course, there are differences between the second and first-generation models, but they are not fundamental, and, in principle, you can choose one or the other.

Meizu provides up to 4-5 hours of operation on a single charge, plus the ability to recharge the headphones using the case on the go.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro

Are headphones that are very similar in design to AirPods. But there are also quite a few differences between the two models. For example, the headphones work for up to 3 hours on one charge, plus they can be recharged 3 times from the case.

The headphones are waterproof and support a range of functions such as changing tracks, voice control, sound settings, and answering calls. It should be noted that it is the design and comfortable shape that make AirDots an excellent option for sports. The headphones are equipped with a convenient charging case.

The sound on them is also quite good, although in some places it may lack bass, but in general, most genres will be reproduced with high quality. Plus, the headphones fit quite well in the ears, which is definitely worth noting.

True wireless headphones honor

Huawei Honor FlyPods

These headphones are in a slightly more expensive category, and there are higher expectations from them. Honor has very wide capabilities, including answering calls, high-quality sound, and more. They work, however, not as long as we would like. 2.5 hours and the headphones require charging again.

This model is suitable for those who do not listen to music constantly, but use headphones as a headset. It was for these purposes that headphones of this design were originally conceived – the ability to always stay in touch.

In any case, the headphones have a comfortable shape and stylish design, and in operation, they perform excellently.

It’s safe to say that true wireless headphones aren’t perfect yet. Convenient, but not ideal, and of course, they have their problems. They will improve in the future, there is no doubt about it. However, if you wish, you can always find an option that suits you, which will ensure you can always stay in touch, listen to music, and communicate without being distracted from your main tasks. We hope that our advice will be of benefit to you.

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