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best headphone color

Nowadays, audio equipment manufacturers strive to conquer consumers not only with a wide range of their products but also with the modern, stylish design of such devices. Nowadays, colored headphones are in trend, the shades of which are very diverse. In our article, we will tell you how to choose headphones whose color will highlight your individuality and help you stand out from the crowd.

Best Headphone Color

Headphone Color spectrum

On sale, you can find wired and wireless headphone models in a variety of colors. In addition to traditional white and black accessories, on the shelves of stores selling consumer electronics, you will find a full range of colors: blue, yellow, purple, orange, light blue, turquoise, red, and brown, as well as combined models that combine several colors in their design.

Headphone Color can be either glossy or matte.

Glossy headphones give glare when turned from side to side, while matte headphones do not have any shine, since they practically do not reflect light. At the same time, devices with a matte surfaces seem slightly rough to the touch, while glossy ones, on the contrary, are very smooth.

Due to their high shine, glossy headphones visually have richer and brighter shades, while multi-colored matte headphones give the impression of muted tones.


Currently, colored headphones from Apple have appeared, but in fact, the American corporation itself does not paint its devices in all the colors of the rainbow. Enterprising Russian companies buy white headphones from this world-famous brand and, having repainted them, sell them at a significant markup. Thanks to the great demand for colorful gadgets among young people, such headphones sell out quite quickly.

Best Headphone Color Trend in 2023

And yet, headphones are not just a fashion accessory. This is primarily a complex acoustic device designed for listening to music or any other sound in decent quality. Therefore, when purchasing this headset, first of all, you should figure out which models you should give preference to.

Currently, an increasing number of devices operate without wires, although just recently this was not even dreamed of. These innovations did not spare household radio electronics either. Nowadays you can increasingly see wireless headphones, which, of course, is a big plus.

Such devices provide great opportunities, because thanks to the absence of a cable, a person can freely move around the house while continuing to listen to their favorite tunes

You can also take this headset with you when you go hiking, travel, or just go shopping.

Currently, wireless headphones using Bluetooth are very popular, since it is this type of sound transmission that developers pay increased attention to. Such devices are most often used for smartphones and laptops.

However, many people prefer wired headphone models, because, despite the annoying wires, such devices provide much higher quality sound. The ideal option is to purchase both types of headphones: after all, you get the opportunity to enjoy the excellent sound of your favorite music at home using wired devices, and when going for a walk, wear a wireless type of headset.

Let’s review the best wired and wireless headphone models from different brands.

Podcast Headphones Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro


Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

This is a model of closed full-size (large) wired headphones, which, according to numerous reviews, is the best in the current year, 2019. It features highly detailed sound, suitable for listening to music of a wide variety of genres. In addition to ordinary music lovers, it is used by professionals in recording studios. The model is characterized by increased reliability and the ability to replace some components, which increases the service life of the product. However, the design may be ideal for lovers of the classics, while those looking for extraordinary solutions may be disappointed by the too simple appearance of this accessory.

Sennheiser HD 650


Sennheiser HD 650

German model of open full-size wired headphones with high sound quality. Ideal for studio work. It is distinguished by the delivery of a natural, even sound, its detailing, also among the advantages is the lightness of the design due to the use of plastic, while the model is highly reliable due to metal elements. This device looks very modern and stylish.

Sony MDR1AM2 Wired


Sony MDR-1AM2

 An attractive closed-type wired headphone model for young people with an optimal price-quality ratio. They are distinguished by their bright sound and interesting design; the model is also very light and quite comfortable.


JBL T450

This is a budget option for wired on-ear headphones from a well-known American brand, featuring good quality for the money. Despite the fact that the assembly is carried out in China, this model, according to many users, is distinguished by its highly reliable design. The only criticism is the rather thin wire. The sound quality is good with a predominance of low frequencies. Suitable for lovers of bass sound.

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless


Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

Wireless full-size closed-type on-ear headphones. It features spacious live sound, a comfortable flexible body and excellent build quality. The kit includes two microphones.

Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth


Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless

Multifunctional on-ear headphones with a stylish design and ease of use. They have a slightly muffled sound, their own player and radio with a stereo signal

Sony MDRZX330BT/B Bluetooth Stereo


Sony MDR-ZX330BT

Wireless Bluetooth on-ear headphones that produce very clear and high-quality sound. Pros: a fairly inexpensive model with good functionality and reliability. Of the minuses: the body is made of glossy plastic, which gets dirty quite quickly. Quite poor sound insulation.

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case.


Apple AirPods

This is the best in-ear wireless headphone model. The bass in such models has a rather weak sound, with emphasis placed on high frequencies. For lovers of light music.

When choosing headphones, it is necessary to take into account that girls prefer purer and brighter shades; accessories in yellow, pink, turquoise or purple will suit them. Young people more often opt for classic white or black models, while children love red or multi-colored headphones. Some children’s models can be made of soft fleece in the shape of animals.

Those who carefully monitor their style carefully select headset to match their clothes; girls even pay attention to the combination of the color of the headphones and the makeup applied to the face.

Representatives of various subcultures prefer not to part with their favorite music, appearing everywhere with headphones. For such people, these accessories serve as a means of expressing their inner world, so they take the choice of the color of their headphones very seriously.

Experts in the field of psychology unanimously say that the choice of a particular color indicates a person’s character, so before buying headphones you should think about what his main traits are specific to you.

Best Headphone Color

If you want to tell others about this without words, then pay attention to this list.


Indicates a responsive and emotional nature; this color is also preferred by hardworking, purposeful people.


Bright, impulsive people, not afraid to overcome obstacles, very purposeful and self-confident – these are those who prefer this color.


On the one hand, this color is chosen by refined, spiritual natures prone to introspection and internal analysis. On the other hand, there are pragmatists who pay special attention to small details. Also, the choice of this color distinguishes people of creative professions.


Calm, self-confident type, possessing logical thinking, prone to solving complex problems. In a word, an intellectual.


Of course, these are primarily girls. The color of youth, tenderness and romanticism.

Best Headphone Color Trend

Multi-colored headphones, combining several shades of the color palette, are chosen by people whose professional activities are related to music and creativity: these are DJs, music presenters and musicians themselves.

They often speak in front of the public, their image obliges them to look fashionable, bright and stylish.

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