Apple AirPods headphones the first wireless accessory

Experience true wireless freedom with Apple AirPods - impeccable sound, seamless connectivity, and iconic design
Apple AirPods headphones

 The first Smart wireless headphones Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods headphones are the first wireless accessory from a world-famous manufacturer that has excellent performance and an attractive design. Externally, they are very similar to the previous EarPods model, only they work wirelessly.

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Appearance and equipment

The presented device is very light and compact. It is made of glossy plastic, which does not collect dirt and fingerprints. The front part of the legs is occupied by a round black dot. This is an infrared sensor that opens up a large number of possibilities for the user.

The case in which the design is supplied is reliable and massive. Its lid is magnetic and snaps on quickly and firmly. The seats have magnets and contacts for charging. At the bottom of the product, you can see the Lightning port required for charging. A bright LED indicates the charging level of the case, the headphones themselves, and the activation of the Bluetooth pairing function.


The proprietary W1 processor, developed by the Apple manufacturer, works smoothly immediately after the user opens the cover of the case. The music lover immediately receives an offer to connect the accessory. He doesn’t have to press buttons or look for an option in the menu; just press the virtual “connect” button on the smartphone, and the headphones will independently create a pair with the found source. This procedure is performed as quickly as possible.

AirPods automatically connect to the gadget that is located at close range. With just one click, the accessory will switch to another music source.

The specified infrared sensor is needed so that playback automatically stops if the owner of the device pulls it out of one ear. You can use it as a mono headset. It has a microphone that works in pairs with an acoustic accelerometer. This combination guarantees speech transmission under noisy conditions.

A second accelerometer is required for touch recognition. Double tap activates Siri. The voice assistant helps you control volume, playback, dialing, and other functions.

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Apple AirPods headphones sound quality

The developers have improved the acoustic part well when compared to the wired model. The sound is reproduced smoothly, there is bass, but it does not cover the high and mid frequencies.

Sound detail is maximum. Vocal or classical compositions are reproduced perfectly, and every musical instrument can be heard.

The device is suitable for electronics, pop music, mixed and heavier genres. The volume level is sufficient, there is even a small margin. The sound stage is wide. The open design creates sound not in the head, but around it. Via Bluetooth, the accessory plays at a distance of 7-10 meters.

Operating Apple AirPods headphones with alternative sources

A music lover can listen to music not only on Apple gadgets but also on Android smartphones. The main thing is that the connected phone supports Bluetooth 4.0.

In conjunction with Xiaomi products, the headphones sound clear, and connect quickly, excluding control through a voice assistant. The sound is flat and less bassy. No significant differences are observed.


Air Pods lasts five hours of continuous use without recharging. With the help of the case, in just 15 minutes, the product is charged for 3 hours of operation. Not a single device can boast of such an indicator. If you use the headphones for several hours a day, one full charge will last for a week.



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