Tula Microphones The Tula Mic Black

Experience the pinnacle of audio precision with the Tula Mic Black, where innovation meets exceptional sound quality.
Tula Microphones The Tula Mic Black

Tula Mic is the world’s best portable USB microphone and mobile recorder, designed for musicians, content creators, and work-from-home professionals.

With a super-fast USB-C port, the Tula microphone works with your computer as a high-quality USB microphone for podcasting, ZOOM, YouTube, and more. With its own internal memory and built-in battery, as well as function keys, Tula can also work independently, without a computer.


  • Microphone polar pattern: omnidirectional, cardioid;
  • recording in 16-bit / 48 kHz format;
  • autonomous operating time of 12 hours;
  • built-in memory 8 GB;
  • premium design.

Development team

Tula has assembled a team of award-winning experts from San Francisco (mechanical engineering), Stockholm (software and firmware), Barcelona (design), and Moscow (acoustic testing) to create a product that is truly best in class.

Development team

Active Noise Cancellation

Tula Microphones is collaborating with Swedish developer Klevgrand. Their innovative Brusfri noise reduction algorithm has been incorporated into the Tula Mic software, which allows you to cancel out background noise with just one click of a button.



The Tula microphone was created by the team behind the world-famous Soyuz microphones. Like the “Sound of Soyuz”, the Tula mic has an open top end that’s never harsh, a nice midrange, and a low end that’s full without being lumpy.

Featuring Burr Brown op-amps and custom cardioid and omni capsules, the Tula Mic delivers professional sound quality in a variety of situations.



Translated from Sanskrit, “Tula” means “Balance”. The Tula Mic was designed to be modern yet nostalgic, and had a wide range of actions but was portable, equipped with the latest technology, and easy to use.

Among its competitors, the Tula Mic stands out for its large number of useful features, despite its small size. This is both a USB microphone and a mobile recorder with several polar patterns.

The Tula Mic has a unique noise-canceling system, and the headphone jack can also be used to connect a Lavalier microphone. This may very well be the only microphone you’ll ever need.


  • USB microphone;
  • USB-C cable;
  • documentation.

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