Best Soundbar Under 100$

Experience cinematic audio at an unbeatable price with our top pick for the best soundbar under $100, delivering enhanced sound quality that transforms your living room into a home theater."
Best Soundbar Under 100$

Looking to enhance your audio experience without breaking the bank? Look no further! In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best soundbars under $100 that will deliver impressive sound quality and take your entertainment to the next level.

While shopping on a tight budget can be a challenge, we understand the importance of finding the right soundbar that meets your needs. 

After conducting extensive testing on a wide range of soundbars, we’ve handpicked the top contenders that provide exceptional value for their price.

Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite shows or immersing yourself in music, these soundbars will elevate your audio experience and bring every sound to life.

1.TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar

Powerhouse Sound for Roku

2. Roku Streambar Soundbar

Best Overall

3. Sony S100F

Perfect for Bedroom Bliss

4.Polk Audio Signa Solo

Enter Product Tag Line

5.VIZIO Sound Bar

For Style-conscious users

6. Heymell Surround Soundbar

Enter Product Tag Line

Ready to upgrade your TV speakers? Let’s dive into our expert recommendations and discover the perfect soundbar that fits both your budget and your audio expectation

6 Best Soundbar Under 100

Here’s a list of soundbars that have received high ratings in the given price bracket


TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar

Powerhouse Sound for Roku

Enhance your Roku TV experience with the TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar. Get ready to be captivated by its powerful, balanced sound that brings your favorite shows and music to life.

With its sleek design and elegant finish, this soundbar adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

Say goodbye to complicated setups – it’s a breeze to install and control. Enjoy wireless streaming of your favorite tunes and podcasts, and immerse yourself in a world of audio excellence.

Upgrade your entertainment today and elevate your viewing experience with the TCL Roku TV Wireless Soundbar.




Roku Streambar Soundbar

best overall

The Roku Streambar Soundbar, the ultimate entertainment companion! This sleek and powerful soundbar brings your favorite shows and music to life with exceptional sound quality.

With easy installation and user-friendly features, it’s perfect for anyone seeking a hassle-free setup. Enjoy crystal-clear audio and well-balanced frequencies that accurately reproduce vocals and instruments.

The compact design effortlessly fits into any space without blocking your TV screen. Plus, with Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and Wi-Fi compatibility, seamless streaming is just a tap away.

Enhance your experience with adjustable sound settings and four EQ presets. Upgrade your entertainment game with the Roku Streambar Soundbar today!




Sony S100F

Perfect for Bedroom Bliss

The Sony S100F 2.0ch Soundbar, the perfect addition to your home office or bedroom. Experience exceptional sound quality with its bass reflex speaker and integrated tweeter.

Enjoy wireless convenience through Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to move it around your house effortlessly.

Mount it on any wall with its included wall mount, saving space while delivering powerful audio. Enhance dialogue clarity with its voice enhancement feature.

This soundbar creates a clear and captivating audio experience, making it ideal for a home theater setup. Only downside? No HDMI cable included. 




Polk Audio Signa Solo

Transform Your Living Room

Experience audio bliss with the Polk Audio Signa Solo, the best TV soundbar under $100! This sleek powerhouse from Polk Audio brings movies, TV shows, and music to life with its exceptional sound quality. With four 2.5-inch drivers and bass ports, it delivers rich, captivating sound that fills your room.

Enjoy complete control with the included remote, adjusting volume, bass, and selecting VoiceAdjust settings for crystal-clear dialogue. Switch between Movie and Music EQ modes for a tailored experience. Plus, it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker for versatile entertainment.

 No HDMI port, but for the unbeatable price and incredible sound, the Signa Solo remains the top choic




VIZIO Sound Bar

For Style-conscious users

Transform your audio experience with the Vizio SB2920-C6 Soundbar. Say goodbye to lackluster sound and hello to captivating audio that brings your entertainment to life.

This sleek soundbar delivers exceptional audio quality that will captivate your senses. Connect effortlessly via Bluetooth and enjoy seamless streaming of your favorite music. With its user-friendly design and included cables, setup is a breeze.

Enhance your audio experience and elevate your entertainment with the Vizio SB2920-C6 Soundbar. Don’t settle for ordinary sound when you can have extraordinary audio performance.




Heymell Surround Soundbar

Gamers' Delight

The Heymell Surround Soundbar, the ultimate game-changer for your audio needs. This cutting-edge soundbar features 6 powerful speakers that deliver an exceptional sonic journey.

With a remarkable 150W of pure power, you’ll feel the music come alive, filling every corner with the room. Say goodbye to background noise as the advanced noise-canceling technology ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction.

Get ready to be captivated by the deep, resonant bass that adds a new dimension to your favorite tunes. Choose from a range of versatile sound modes, allowing you to customize your listening experience.

Seamlessly connect via HDMI or Bluetooth, and take control using the user-friendly LED screen and remote. Elevate your sound to new heights with the Heymell Surround Soundbar.



A Comprehensive Guide to Buying the Best Soundbar Under $100:

A soundbar is a compact speaker system designed to enhance the audio experience of your TV or other entertainment devices. They are typically long and slender, and they can be placed either in front of your TV or mounted on a wall. Soundbars are an excellent alternative to traditional home theater speaker systems, as they provide a simplified setup and take up less space.

When looking for the best soundbar under $100, it’s essential to consider a few key factors:

1.Audio Quality:

While you might not expect audiophile-level sound quality from a budget soundbar, it’s still crucial to choose one that delivers clear and balanced audio. Look for soundbars that offer a wide frequency response range and have features like built-in subwoofers for better bass performance.

2.Connectivity Options:

Ensure that the soundbar you choose has the necessary connectivity options for your devices. Most soundbars include an HDMI input for connecting to your TV, while others may also offer Bluetooth or optical inputs for connecting to other devices like smartphones or gaming consoles.

3.Size and Design:

Consider the size of your TV and the space available in your entertainment setup. Choose a soundbar that complements the size of your TV and fits comfortably in your room. Some soundbars come with a separate subwoofer, which can add depth to the audio but may require more space.

4.Additional Features:

Some soundbars come with extra features like virtual surround sound, sound modes, or voice control options. These additional features can enhance your audio experience, so consider them if they align with your preferences and requirements.

With this guide, you have gained valuable insights into buying the best soundbar under $100. By considering factors like audio quality, connectivity options, size, design, and additional features, you can make an informed decision that fits your budget and enhances your audio experience.


Don’t settle for subpar sound when you can have an incredible audio experience without breaking the bank, Our hand-picked selection of the best soundbars under $100 brings affordable audio excellence to your fingertips.

Elevate your entertainment and immerse yourself in rich, immersive sound without breaking the bank. Upgrade your audio setup today and let the power of music, movies, and games move your soul.

Don’t settle for anything less than extraordinary. Unleash the true potential of your audio experience now!

Best Soundbar Under $100 FAQs:

Can I get a good soundbar under $100? 

Yes, you can find some decent soundbars under $100 that offer a significant upgrade over built-in TV speakers.

While they may not have all the advanced features and high-end audio quality of more expensive models, you can still enjoy enhanced sound and better immersion within a budget.

Q2: Do soundbars under $100 provide a good sound experience?

While soundbars in this price range may not match the premium options, they can still enhance your audio experience, delivering improved clarity, dialogue, and a wider sound stage compared to built-in TV speakers.

3: Can I connect a soundbar under $100 to my TV?

A3: Yes, most soundbars under $100 can be easily connected to your TV using an HDMI, optical, or analog audio cable, depending on the available ports on both your TV and soundbar.

4: Are soundbars under $100 wireless?

 Some soundbars in this price range offer wireless connectivity options, allowing you to stream audio from your mobile devices or connect via Bluetooth.

However, not all models may have this feature, so it’s worth checking the specifications.

5: Do soundbars under $100 come with a subwoofer? 

Generally, soundbars under $100 are standalone units and may not include a separate subwoofer.

However, some models may have built-in subwoofers or offer additional bass enhancement features to improve low-frequency performance.

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